For Honor Launches Year 5 Season 2: Mirage with Visions of the Kyoshin Event

For Honor Launches Year 5 Season 2: Mirage with Visions of the Kyoshin Event

For Honor’s Heathmoor has been stricken with drought in Year 5 Season 2 Mirage, which begins today on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with the in-game Visions of the Kyoshin event. As the landscape dries out, the water and vegetation that hid the Myre’s Kyoshin Temple have withered away, leaving it unprotected. During the limited-time event, the temple will become a battleground for warriors from Chimera and Horkos, who’ve gathered to fight for resources – only to find themselves fending off mirages of Samurai with unknown capabilities.

From now through July 1, Visions of the Kyoshin puts a new spin on Dominion mode: mysterious warriors possessed by powerful entities battle for control of two points on the map. Defeating them grants a temporary buff, and reveals a glimpse of another world to the player who deals the final blow.  

A free Event Pass will be available during Visions of the Kyoshin, granting progression rewards including a new ornament, battle outfit, and mood effect. New weapons can also be looted during the event. In addition to the event, Mirage launches with dried-out versions of four maps – Temple Garden, Belvedere, Highfort, and Forest – as well as a premium Battle Pass that grants gear designed to evoke Japanese mythology and the look of cracked, dry earth.

A new hero will also join For Honor‘s Samurai faction later this season, following the TU2 update.

Whether they’re mirages or otherworldly beings, the temple’s guardians are waiting – do you have what it takes to put them to rest? Jump into For Honor’s Visions of the Kyoshin event and find out.


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